Massachusetts and Mexico


 Selected Photo Publications

Black Star Photo Agency, NYC

Boston Globe

Boston Magazine

Boston Phoenix

MacLean’s (Canada)

New England Business

New York Times


Time Magazine

TV Guide

United Press International

Washington Post

WNAC-TV, Channel 7, Boston

WSBK-TV, Channel 38, Boston

Numerous newspapers, magazines, and books including covers


Selected Reporting

Associated Press---“Organic business takes off,” first prize, regional reporting

Real Paper---"Private Lives of the Retarded," awarded Best Article

Boston Phoenix---“Quebec Separatism” (cover) and numerous other articles

Times-Journal Company---numerous author interviews, book reviews, coverage of literary awards and events

New York Times---"Fraternity Voting Violations..."

Washington Post---Various

Baltimore Sun---Various

Belles Lettres---My Son's Story and other fiction reviews

Other publications, including awards and prizes










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