About Cynthia Roderick Photography

Instagram: cynthia_roderick_photography
Best in Show (Hooker-Dunham Gallery, group show), Best Article (Massachusetts), Best Regional Reporting (Associated Press), numerous others.

Exhibitions: Gallery at Hallmark, The Duron Gallery (SPARC, Los Angeles), Museum of Popular Art (Mexico City), Boston Children's Museum, Cambridge Arts Center, Griffin Museum of Photography, Darkroom Gallery, Vermont Center for Photography, Boston City Hall, Hooker-Dunham, Galveston Art Gallery, others.
My work has appeared in numerous books and periodicals nationally and internationally including the New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, Maclean’s (Canada), Boston Magazine, Nova (Brazil), New Sunday Times (Malaysia), and others.I have photographed for several television news programs including at WNAC-TV and WSBK-TV.

Agencies: Early in my career, thanks to Howard Chapnick, I was affiliated with the Black Star photo agency in NYC. Also, regional agencies.
Teaching: Danforth Museum of Art, New England School of Photography, Cambridge Arts Center, New England Institute of Art (guest reviewer, senior photography portfolios), University of Massachusetts (writing), University of Maryland (writing)